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Deck Restoration Experts

We specialize in the repair, restoration, and refinishing of decks. We will replace damaged wood, pressure wash, and stain or seal your deck. The end result is a great looking deck with a durable finish for you and your friends and family to enjoy.

Our normal process to refinish a deck is to first determine exactly what type of initial wash and wood repairs the deck needs. Some decks may need a special solution that will strip all prior stains in order for the new stain to be absorbed properly by the wood. We then pressure wash all areas with non-damaging pressure. After the deck is clean and dry we return to sand handrails, drive in loose nails, screw in loose boards, and stain or seal. We use high quality staining and sealing products that are both long lasting and beautiful.

Call us today for a free deck maintenance evaluation. 678-396-5595. We offer package deals for pressure washing decks, homes, driveways, and fences.

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